4 uses of 'touch' - King Midas and his golden touch part 1

source: BBC Learning English  2017年1月12日
What does King Midas wish for?
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Hello, I'm Mariam. Today I'm going to tell you a story from Greek mythology about tragedy caused by greed. It shows us what happens when true happiness is not recognised. This is the famous story of King Midas.
We start the story with Dionysus - the God of Wine - someone who likes to 'let himself go' a bit. One day he and his friends are at the foot of Mount Tmolus enjoying themselves. Suddenly they realise that Silenus isn't with them. Silenus is a strange type of creature – half man, half goat – and he's a special friend of Dionysus as he was once his tutor. The friends look for him but it's touch and go (C2) as to whether they will ever find him.
Earlier that day Silenus had fallen off his donkey because he'd had a touch (C2) too much to drink - and now he's lying asleep by the side of the road, snoring. He's woken when a king - King Midas - and his soldiers come riding by. Midas has a special longing to see Dionysus and Silenus agrees to take him to see the god in exchange for the loan of a horse.
So now, Dionysus is touched (B2) that Midas has brought Silenus safely home. As a reward he offers Midas a wish - he may have whatever he desires. Midas thinks about it and then he asks for the power to make everything he touches (B1) turn to gold. His wish is granted.
But what is King Midas going to do with this special gift and what trouble will it lead to? Join me again in part 2 to find out. Bye for now.

A1 = Beginner
A2 = Elementary
B1 = Lower Intermediate
B2 = Higher Intermediate
C1 = Towards Advanced
C2 = Advanced