8 Favourite English Adjectives | Improve Your Vocabulary | Describing Places & Things

source: mmmEnglish      2017年7月30日
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To be expressive, to show emotion and feeling and to sound more interesting when you use English, your need to start pushing your vocabulary further.
Saying something is nice or beautiful is good… But adjectives like magnificent, remarkable or inspirational are so much stronger and more meaningful!

Adjectives are a big group of words in English! They are used to describe or give more information about a noun.
Word order is important with adjectives. When used next to a noun, the adjective comes before the noun! Like this (point)
a/an + adjective + noun: An incredible story.
Noun + (be) +adjective: Her recommendations were excellent.

# 8 of my favourite adjectives to help you build your vocabulary for describing things!
1. Magnificent
2. Remarkable
3. Obvious
4. Acceptable
5. Impossible
6. Significant
7. Ridiculous
8. Complicated