Difference between 'LIVE', 'LIFE' & "LIVES'

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年7月7日

Live (Is generally used as a Verb)
Under this section, the word, ‘live’ means that you are talking about yours or someone else’s place of living.  It means that someone is stationed and is living at that place.
Example – I live in Italy.
Example – Peter lives in Russia
Example – How are we going to live in this Hot region?

Live (I used an Adjective) –
This is just Another form of the word ‘live’ but is pronounced in a different manner and has two different meanings.
a) Live – Something that is happening at the moment, you are watching it happening, it's not recorded.
Example – We saw the live coverage of the cricket match.
Example – I love to watch live cricket matches in the stadium.
b) Live – It mainly means to be alive and not dead
Example – We saw a live jellyfish in the ocean.
Example – Is that a live broadcast of the event?

Life (Noun) – State of living
Example – I love my life
Example – The stuntman is not showing any signs of life
Life can also be an adjective describing the noun
Example – Lifeboat, a lifetime experience, life-saving guard, Lifesaver package Life experience, Life
Lives – This word is the plural form of life
Example - Many innocent people lost their lives in the blast that occurred due to the gas leak.
Example- The modern lives of corporate executives is extremely busy and tiring.
SO hope this lesson clears all your doubts about how to use the three confusing words - Live , Life and Lives.