English Pronunciation with Molly - Over 1 Hour!

source: Shaw English Online    2017年7月7日
Enjoy over 1 hour of videos (10 videos) with Molly teaching English pronunciation. Practice English pronunciation with her to improve your English.
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0:00 bad /æ/ vs bed /ɛ/
7:20 sit /ɪ/ vs seat /i:/
14:19 bat /æ/ vs but /ʌ/
21:07 thin /n/ vs thing /ŋ/
28:43 far /ɑːr/ vs fur /ər/
36:03 bee /b/ vs. pee /p/
44:10 met /ɛ/ vs mate /eɪ/
51:22 light /l/ vs. right /r/
59:00 berry /b/ vs. very /v/
1:06:35 poke /oʊ/ vs pork /ɔːr/