Pimp Up your English Vocabulary – Slang Words

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2017年7月14日

Hello everyone! Welcome to this English speaking lesson with me your teacher Michelle. In today’s English lesson I’m going to “pimp” your English vocabulary. This means that I’m going to make your Spoken English vocabulary quite fashionable by adding some impressive words that you’ll often hear the youth around you using.

1. Generation gap
Meaning: This is an age distance between older and younger people which causes the difference of opinion between these two age groups.
Example: Dad! You never understand me, probably it’s the generation gap showing up.

2. Grow up
Meaning: Grow up is a way to ask an adult whose acting childish to behave maturely. This is a phrasal verb which also means to slowly become an adult.
Example: I grew up in Scotland (= I lived in Scotland when I was young).

3. Frosted:
Meaning: This is used to refer to a person who’s wearing a lot of jewelry or accessories.
Example: You look frosted!

4. Flossing:
Meaning: If your friend is flossing he is not cleaning his gums but instead he is showing off his new car/gadgets. This word idiomatically means to “show off”.

5. Pre-Gaming:
Meaning: When your students are talking about pre-gaming they are not referring to a practice session before playing games. After all, who needs that? However they are actually referring to a “Drinking session” before they head for a night out.

6. Hench:
This word refers to a strong or fit man having well-developed muscles.
Example: There's nothing funnier than seeing a really hench guy walking a tiny dog.

7. Grimy
This word exactly means the best thing. If someone or something is described as the best thing, people think they are extremely good often more than they are in reality.
Example: The way he goes on about her , you'd think she was a grimy.

8. Mc Pee
Meaning: When someone approaches you and asks about a McPee. You help him by directing him towards the nearest café that has toilets. As with Mcpee this is when you go into McDonalds not to actually buy any food, but just to use the toilet.

9. Peng
Peng means an attractive person or delicious food.
Examples: Hi! I ate some peng food last night.
Words cannot describe how peng she is.

10. Snap
Meal especially food that is taken to work to be eaten during a break.
Example: I’ve lost my snap. Can I share with you?