Pronunciation: How to pronounce words beginning with /h/

source: BBC Learning English     2017年1月13日
He looks like he's had an accident – again!
Tim's back in his pronunciation workshop and he's not having much luck with his DIY. Find out what the problem is – and hear how some Londoners don't pronounce all their 'h' sounds.
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Tim: In fluent speech, if the word ‘he’ comes at the beginning of a sentence or clause, then the ‘h’ sound /h/ is pronounced. But if it comes in the middle of a sentence or clause and after a consonant, then the ‘h’ sound is not usually pronounced. So /hiː/ becomes /iː/ and ‘he looks like he’s had an accident’ becomes ‘he looks like ‘e’s had an accident’. Not this change also happens with certain other words beginning with the ‘h’ sound, like him, his or her. Here are some more examples.

I really like his cooking.
We think he’s left the country.
They let him leave early.
They offered her a promotion.