ALREADY - Adverb of time | Use and meaning

source: Crown Academy of English    2017年8月22日
“already” is an adverb of time. It has 2 uses and meaning.
Meaning 1: We use "already" to indicate that something has happened before the moment of speaking.
Meaning 2: We use "already" to express surprise that something has happened earlier or sooner than expected.

Position of “already” in a sentence:
If the sentence has a main verb, then we put "already" before the main verb.
If the sentence has an auxiliary or modal verb, then we put "already" in middle position. Middle position is after the auxiliary / modal verb and before the main verb.
If the sentence has the verb "be" as a main verb (a linking verb), then we put "already" after the verb to be.

"already" in end position:
We can place "already" at the end of a sentence for more emphasis or to show more surprise. This is more common in questions and in informal speech.

In the video I give lots of examples of sentences and questions with "already". I also explain the difference between "already", "yet" and "ever" so I advise you to watch the video.
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