English phrases to talk about TRADESPEOPLE

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年8月16日
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A "tradesperson" is the one who is skilled in a field that requires both manual labor and expertise (detailed knowledge about how to do something). In this English speaking lesson, Niharika explains some skilled trades.

A mechanic is someone who fixes machines. When someone talks about "a mechanic", they
usually, mean an auto mechanic.
An electrician fixes the electrical systems in a building.
A mason (or bricklayer) is someone who makes things out of bricks or stone.
A plumber fixes water pipes and drainage for a building.
A welder connects pieces of metal using a torch, which heats the metal to high temperatures.
A locksmith fixes locks or opens locks when the keys have been lost.
A landscaper cares for lawns and gardens for people's homes or businesses.
A roofer installs or fixes roofs: installing shingles, fixing leaks, etc.
A carpenter builds things out of wood.
A repairman fixes things, ranging from electronics to shoes.

Here are some of the activities that tradespeople do:
repair things that are broken
install things
operate machinery
maintain equipment
construct buildings
lay a material like bricks, shingles, etc.
restore an old machine or item to a working state
diagnose problems.