English Verb Tenses Guide - Learn About Simple, Perfect, and Continuous ...

source: Oxford Online English     2017年8月30日
Are you confused about your simple, perfect and continuous tenses? Do you know how many verb tenses there are in English?
In this lesson, you can get a big picture understanding of English verb tenses. You’ll learn what connects English verb forms, which will make it easier for you to learn and understand verb tenses in English.
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This lesson will help you:
- Understand the main differences between the simple, continuous, and perfect tenses.
- Learn the correct verb forms in each tense.
- See the difference between the verb tense forms and their actual meanings.
- See simple verb forms in detail.
- Understand the different continuous verb forms.
- Detail the correct perfect verb forms.
- Learn about the perfect continuous tense and its verb forms.

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