Group Nouns / Collective Nouns (for Beginners): learn to talk about groups

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年8月2日
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Group Nouns / Collective Nouns (for Beginners):

In this English lesson, we are going to learn to talk about groups. 
1. Cast- This is a group of actors who work together in a movie or drama series.
For example: I am surely going to watch this movie because of it's interesting cast.
2. Company- These are also a group of actors who work in different plays.
For example: The company of actors for this play is phenomenal.
3. Crew- Servicemen on a plane/ ship.
For example: Jet Airways has the best crew.
4. Platoon: group of soldiers
For example: It's worth watching the British royal platoon parade on Sunday mornings.
5.Gang: a group of dangerous criminals.
For example: The police is having a hard time controlling the newely emerged gang in the city.
6. Throng: a group of people/ animal.
For example: The crowd thronged the mall this Sunday.
7. Mob: a group of people organized to cause trouble
For example: The recent demonstration started with a mob of protesters.
8. Shoal- a group of fishes
For example: I was a shoal of fishes when I was Scuba diving.
9. Set- a group of tools
For example: This is a useful set of tools for the new machinery we bought.
10. Stack- a group of books or chairs one over the other.
For example: Please don't stack the laptops.
11. Stash- a stash of cash (hidden items)
For example: These have stashed their black money.

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