How to Talk About Your Studies in English - Learn Spoken English

source: Oxford Online English     2017年8月17日
Are you a student? Do you study at school or university? If you’ve finished your education, can you describe what you studied, when and where? In this lesson, you can learn to talk about your studies in English. Talking about your studies could help you in conversation, in an exam such as IELTS or in a job interview, so it’s good to be able to talk clearly about your studies in English.
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In this lesson you'll learn: - How to describe where you study. - Different ways to talk about what kind of student you are. - Ways to explain what you study. - How to talk about your studies using more detail. - Ways to describe what you have to do for your studies and why. - Useful phrases to give your opinion on your studies. - Ways to make your answers longer when you talk about your studies in English.