Learn and remember vocabulary

source: Crown Academy of English     2017年8月8日
Here are some tips, tricks and advice to learn and remember vocabulary.

Learn new words by theme
A long list of random, unrelated words is difficult for the brain to process. It is better to learn words from the same subject or topic.

Learn related words and phrases
When you learn a new word, find all the derived, related words, synonyms and phrases and learn them too.

Review and revise words you have already learned
When you learn a new word, it starts in our short-term memory. To memorise / memorize it properly, you must continue to revise the word to transfer it to your long-term memory.

In the days and weeks after learning new words:

- Read your notes again.
- Say and write the words again.
- Read some material in which the words appear.
- Do some more exercises.

A good English course will have regular vocabulary reviews. If you do not review words, you will forget them after a few days.

Reading is important to memorize vocabulary because you will see new words in different contexts. The context helps you understand the meaning. The context also helps you recall and remember. A story or article is more interesting than a list of words. We have a specific goal. It's interesting.

Reading is important but it is not enough to properly memorise new words. You are passive while reading. You need to be active.
Write new words in a notebook with their derivatives, synonyms and phrases. Write down example sentences for each new word. Writing uses motor memory and this helps with recall.

Say / speak the new words and example sentences out loud. If possible do this with another student. Ask the other student a question. Say the new words and phrases in your

Make flashcards
A flashcard is a card to learn a new word. The new word is on one side of the card. The definition and/or picture is on the other side.
Make the flashcards yourself. Don’t use cards made by someone else.

There are lots of activities you can do with flashcards:
- Memory games
- Sort them into themes
- Combine several cards to make sentences

Apps, games and software are an excellent way to learn new words.
List of best apps and games: https://goo.gl/PPFGGS
Private English lessons and speaking practice: https://goo.gl/fJAC7o