10 French words used in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年9月18日
In this free English lesson online, you will learn 10 French words that we use in English. Often in English conversation, newspapers, and magazines, you have come across these French words. This free English classes would teach you what these French words mean and how to pronounce them correctly. Improve your English pronunciation and speak English fluently. This Lesson covers in particular food vocabulary.
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A la carte: In a restaurant, you have 2 options. Either you go for a buffet or a la carte. A la carte means to order individual dishes as per your liking from the menu.

A pe ritif: It is an alcoholic drink to stimulate appetite.

Bon apetit: It is a salutation before eating your meal. If you are in a restaurant with your friends and family, you can say ‘bon apetit’ before everyone begins their meal.

Cuisine: The actual meaning of this is the kitchen. In English, we use this word to describe the style or manner of food. Various cuisines are Indian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine.

Saute: Means tossing and frying vegetables. It is one of the styles of cooking.

Sommelier: A wine waiter/steward. These are specifically who serve wine.

Omelette/Omelet: It’s a dish prepared by beating eggs.

Gourmet: A judge of fine food is called ‘goumet’. We have gourmet meals, gourmet kitchen. When we talk about gourmet meals, we talk about exotic and fancy meals.

Margarine: Is a substitute for butter. It looks like butter but it is made of vegetable oil.

Picnic: The actual meaning is an outdoor meal.