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source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2017年9月3日
Let’s Talk English speaking Institute in Mumbai and Thane presents English speaking course to learn the difference between American English & British English pronunciation difference. This topic has always confused students as there quite a few differences between the British English & American English pronunciation.

I am Brian, you host for this English lesson. In this English lesson, you will learn the difference between the British English and American English pronunciation. This is the most requested topic in the comment section of our videos, so let’s begin with the lesson.
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I will give you common words used in daily English conversation, followed by example sentences. So that you are just not learning the words, but how to use them in English conversation. First, you will hear the British pronunciation followed by an American voice. Make out the difference between the two voices.

You could also join our British Accent Training course or American Accent Training course at our English speaking institute in Mumbai Thane and Navi Mumbai. Our trainers specialize in Accent training and would help you shave off your regional accent and get you speaking close to native English speakers.

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