Go Fruity–10 Interesting idioms with Fruits

source: Learn English with Let's Talk
In this English speaking lesson, you would learn some interesting idioms with fruits. Fruits are great for health and everyone has some or the other favorite fruit. However, they are multipurpose, since the names of fruits can also mean different things in English. Let’s see how.
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A plum job – a very good job
Ex: John got a plum job at an insurance company.

Go pear-shaped – to fail or to be unsuccessful
Ex: Our movie plans went pear-shaped.

Peach - a person who is beautiful, helpful, a very nice person.
Ex: Mario is such a peach; he always helps us with work.

Lemon- a product that does not work properly
Ex: That car dealer, he sold me a lemon.

Apples and oranges – to be different from each other
Ex: Though they are twins, they are like apples and oranges.

Not give a fig- to not feel interested in something
Ex: I don’t give a fig about politics, it is so boring.

A bite at the cherry – an opportunity to achieve something
Ex: That promotion was your last bite at the cherry.

Go bananas – to become very angry, crazy or annoyed
Ex: I go bananas when I lose any game.

The apple of your eye – the person you are very fond of
Ex: My baby sister is the apple of my eye.