How to Speak English With Confidence - Spoken English Lesson

source: Oxford Online English     2017年9月8日
In this lesson, you can learn how to sound more confident when you speak English. When you speak English with confidence, you can get more opportunities to learn and improve your English.
When we ask students, “Why do you want to learn English,” often people don’t talk about their language skills. They talk about their feelings.
They say things like:
“I don’t feel confident when I’m speaking English.”
“I’m afraid my English sounds bad.”
“I want to feel better about my English.”
Does this sound like you?
In this lesson, you can learn some simple, effective tips to sound more confident speaking English. We’ll show you ideas that anyone can use.
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This lesson will help you:
- Learn how to control your speaking to sound more confident.
- Be more positive about speaking English.
- Get out of the habit of apoligising for your English.
- Set challenges to build your confidence to speak English.
- Understand ways to keep a journal to help you speak English confidently.
- Learn more about yourself and how you can speak English better.
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