Learn about cultural differences in 6 minutes

source: BBC Learning English       2017年9月14日
If two people are talking lively and you don't understand their culture or their language, you might think they are having an argument. Neil and Tim talk about this kind of situation and teach you six items of vocabulary.
This week's question:
In which country does shaking your head mean ‘yes’, Tim? Is it…
a) Greece,
b) Japan or
c) Bulgaria?
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


no hard feelings: is something you say to somebody you have argued with or beaten in a game or contest to say you’d still like to be friends
to fall out with somebody: to argue or disagree with them
gesture: a movement you make with your hands or head to express what you are thinking or feeling
faux pas: saying or doing something embarrassing in a social situation
offend: to make somebody angry or upset
expressive: showing what you think or feel