Learn to talk about uniforms in 6 minutes.

source: BBC Learning English     2017年9月7日
What's the fascination we seem to have for uniforms? Is there something about taking on a persona or professional role that can be liberating? Neil and Tim talk about the uniforms they'd like to wear and teach you six items of vocabulary.

This week's question:
In the 19th century, police officer’s top hats could be used…
a) to stand on
b) as a weapon
c) to protect their heads from the sun?
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

suits you: looks good on you
stand out: it’s noticeable or easy to see
to fit in: belong to a particular group and are accepted by them
persona: the character you present to the outside world – as opposed to the person you feel like inside
liberating: feeling you can behave however you like