Phrases to talk about ‘Different Styles of Eating’

source: Learn English with Let's Talk      2017年9月23日
This English lesson will teach you about phrases used to talk about different styles of eating.
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Wolf down: To eat fast as you are very hungry. Like a wolf preys and eats quickly.
Gobble Up: Gob is an old worth for mouth. Gobble up means to quickly swallow down the food in a hurry or when you are hungry.
Scoff: To eat greedily
Inhale: To eat very fast. Inhale means to breathe in, which takes a second. SO, to inhale food means to eat very fast.
Choke down: To eat forcefully and gulp down food that you may dislike.
Gorge: To overeat something that you like to eat.
Pig out: To overeat and stuff yourself to the extent that you feel your
tummy is blasting.
Nibble: To chew a small quantity of food. Like nibble on nuts.