Difference between QUICK, QUICKLY and FAST

source: Crown Academy of English     2017年10月24日
What is the difference between quick, quickly and fast in English?
These 3 words are related to speed or time. They are similar but there are a few important differences.

# quick is an English adjective. It gives us more information about a person, place or thing.
Meaning: "quick" describes something that happens in a short time.
Example: We had a quick meal before going home.

# quickly is an adverb and it therefore gives us more information about an action.
There are two definitions and uses
1) at high speed
Example: she's running very quickly.
2) after a short time
Example: He came quickly after I called.

# fast is an adjective and adverb.
As an adjective, the meaning is to describe something or someone that moves at high speed.
Example: I have a fast car.
"fast" is an irregular adverb. It describes an action that is happening at high speed.
Example: They are walking fast.

Expressions with fast:
fast food
= food that is prepared at high speed and in a short period of time.
Example: Fast food is bad for your health if you eat too much of it.

fast asleep
This has nothing at all to do with speed or time.
It means to be completely asleep.
Example: The baby is fast asleep.

Common mistakes
fast has the same spelling when it is an adjective and an adverb.
We do NOT say "fastly" when it is an adverb.
Example: "He runs fastly" is a mistake in English.

We use "quick" to describe something that takes a short time.
We do NOT use "fast" to describe something that takes a short time.
Example: "Let's have a fast chat" is wrong.

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