May I ... ? | In a Restaurant | At Someone's Home

source: Mark Kulek    2017年10月2日
In this video, you will learn to ask for permission in a polite way. You will learn ask for permission by saying "May I ...?" in a restaurant and in a friend's house. These are important phrases to use in English to be kind and polite.

Language in use:
May I have another coffee? Of course. One moment please.
May I substitute rice for bread? Yes, you can.
May I have the fish? Today's catch?
May I get some service? Just a minute, sir.
May I see the menu? Yes, here you are.
May I use your restroom? Yes, it's down the hall.
May I watch TV? Sure.
May I have something to drink? Please help yourself.
May I use the telephone? Please do.
May I turn on the light? Good idea.
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