Phrases for Discussing Office Politics

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年10月22日
In this Business English lesson, Rachna will teach you a few English expressions & Phrases that you could use when you talk about office politics. This Spoken English lesson is taken from the Business English course conducted at Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute in Mumbai.

butter someone up = be very nice to someone because you want something: "If you want a pay rise, you should butter up the boss."

the blue-eyed boy = a person who can do nothing wrong: "John is the blue-eyed boy at the moment.

pull a few strings = use your influence for something: "I had to pull a few strings to get this assignment."

pass the buck = pass on responsibility to someone else: "The CEO doesn't pass the buck. In fact, he often says "the buck stops here!"

be thrown in at the deep end = not get any advice or support: "He was thrown in at the deep end with his new job. No-one helped him at all."

a them and us situation = when you (us) are opposed to "them": "The atmosphere between the two departments is terrible. There's a real them and us situation

get on the wrong side of someone = make someone dislike you: "Don't get on the wrong side of him. He's got friends in high places!"

be in someone's good (or bad) books = be in favour (or disfavour) with someone: "I'm not in her good books today – I messed up her report."