When to Use "THE" Article in English

source: Go Natural English     2014年9月15日
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‘The’ is called a Definite Article because we are talking about something specific. We’re talking about something that we can clearly define.
There are certain words that you will not put after ‘The’.
For example: ‘All you need is love’. For this expression you don’t need to add ‘The’ because it is referring to love in general.
However, when you say, ‘The love of a mother’
‘The’ is necessary because this is a statement about a specific kind of love. ‘The’ is necessary to portray the idea clearly.
‘The’ is used when you talk about objects, specific locations, certain countries and even one singular thing such as; The cat. The door. The car. The moon.
Practice using ‘The’ and practice listening for it in sentences. You’ll notice that when someone forgets to say ‘The’, it may cause some confusion or disrupt the flow of a sentence.

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