Are you pronouncing 'Harry Potter' wrong? Aly Answers English Questions ...

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me    2017年11月25日
Today Aly answers your burning questions about English and the UK in general on!
Pronunciation of This, That, These, Those: 0:44
What's the pronunciation of "Schedule"? 1:18
Hindi pronunciation problems: 1:44
What are British people like? 2:40
What's British weather like? 2:56
What's the difference between "However and Henceforth"? 3:26
What's the difference between "Used to and Accustomed to, and BE used to"? 4:14
What should you say to someone you like? 5:09
Should I say "I am gone"? 5:54
Pronunciation of "Harry Potter": 6:20
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