Compilation of 10 Dual Meaning English Words (Homonyms)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk       2017年11月10日
Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings.
A study of homonyms will enhance the capability of a learner to both speak as well as interpret English in a better manner. Let us look at the 10 very simple and basic examples:

1.Bank: Is a place where we deposit our cash/jewellery etc
Sentence: I will go to the bank today.
The other meaning of the word bank is trust or Vishwas.
Sentence: I can bank on you.

2.Book: Book can be a storybook or a recipe book or a book that we read in school or colleges
Sentence: This is my favourite storybook.
The word book is also used to express reservations, such as :
Sentence: I have booked two movie tickets today.

3.Can: Can is a word used to express the capability of a person to do something
Sentence: I can sing OR I can dance.
the word Can is also referred to as a container to contain liquids.
Sentence: This can of oil is very heavy.

4.Lie: Lie is a word that most popularly means to refrain from the truth
Sentence: Do not lie to me.
This word also means to relax
Sentence: I want to lie down now because I am very tired.

5.Light: This word not only means light however it also means the opposite of heavy i.e something which is easy to carry or hold
Sentence: It is very dark here, please switch the light on for me.
Sentence: My school bag is very light.

6.Like: This word is primarily used to express affinity
Sentence: I like to eat pizzas.
The other use of this word is to express the similarity between things.
Sentence: He dances like a movie star.

7. Kind: The first meaning of this word is someone who is compassionate.
Sentence: My mother is very kind.
The other meaning can be to express the various kinds of items/objects.
Sentence: There are various kinds of pizzas available in the market.

8.Fair: this word means someone who is of a lighter complexion.
Sentence: This girl is very fair.
The other meaning of this word is to be just right.
Sentence: The honourable Judge made a fair judgement.

9.Lose/Loose: This is a tricky one because a lot of them make a mistake.
Lose: this word is used when we lose something or misplace something,
Sentence:. Do not lose your book.
And the word Loose is used when something does not fit well.
Sentence: This shirt is very loose.

10.Will: Will is used very often in simple sentences to express desire.
Sentence: I will go to watch a movie today.
The other meaning of this word is a legal document that talks about inheritance.
Sentence: This is my grandfather's will.

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