FCE Reading and Use of English Exam (Part Two) - How to Do Parts 5-7

source: Oxford Online English    2017年11月30日
In this lesson, you’ll see what to expect in the FCE reading and use of English test and how to improve your score.
This is part two of a two-part video on the FCE Reading and Use of English exam. In this lesson, you’re going to learn about parts five, six and seven. If you haven’t seen part one, then go and watch that one first!
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This lesson will help you:
- Learn the best ways to answer multiple choice questions in the FCE Reading and Use of English Exam.
- Know what kinds of questions to ask yourself to help you take this part of the FCE Exam.
- Understand how to answer FCE Reading missing sentence questions.
- Feel more confident when answering FCE multiple matching questions.
- See example questions from the FCE Reading and Use of English exam so you can be more prepared.