Idioms and Phrases with Meanings and Example: Lesson 3

source: Helena Daily English     2017年3月10日
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Some American idioms
1. To go in on something with someone means: To share the cost or expense of something with someone.
2. To not have a clue means:
To not know about something at all.
3. To look around. means:
To move through a place and observe without the intention of finding something in particular.
4. To turn up means:
To appear or be found.
5. To break the bank means:
To spend all your money on something, to empty your bank account to pay for something, to pay too much for something.
6. Bookworm means:
A person who loves to read.
7. To be on the case means: To already be working on a certain project, to have begun working to achieve a particular goal.