Idioms and Phrases with Meanings and Example: Lesson 4

source: Helena Daily English     2017年3月11日
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Some American idioms
1. Beats me. I don't know means: I have no idea.
2. To have something covered means: To be responsible for something, to handle something.
3. To slip someone's mind means: To be forgotten by someone.
4. Look who’s talking! means: An expression of disbelief or irony meaning that someone is guilty of something he or she is blaming someone else for.
5. To not give a damn means: To not care. Note that some people consider the word "damn" to be harsh and impolite, so an alternate expression is to not give a darn.
6. To fly off the handle means: To become extremely agitated, excited, or angry. To react too strongly to a situation.
7. To make a mountain out of a molehill means: To exaggerate a situation, to turn a relatively minor situation into something much bigger or more important than it should be.
8. To have a bone to pick with someone means: To have a problem or complaint about someone.
9. To get something out in the open means: To air a complaint or a grievance, to discuss something openly.
10. Slacker means: A lazy or irresponsible person.This expression is related to the verb "to slack off."