Is Alisha Tom Cruise's sister ?! Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with    2017年11月18日
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In this video, Alisha answers 10 questions.
- What time is the live stream?
- How do you use verbs like ""stay"" ""work"" and ""live"" in the past and past progressive?
- What's the difference between ""fun"" and ""funny""?
- What's the difference between ""I'd like to have"" and ""I'll have""?
- Is it ""from"" the Internet, ""on"" the Internet, or ""in"" the Internet?
- You look like Zelda.
- Are future tense ""shall"" and ""shan't"" still in use?
- Are you Tom Cruise's sister?
- Do you use the word ""rad"" in the US?
- Batman is more exciting than Superman?