Talking about your HOUSE and It’s STYLE

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年11月17日
In this ESL lesson, you will come across some interesting English vocabulary that you can use to describe your house or someone else’s house. A home reflects the personality of an individual and here we have some useful words to talk about beautiful homes. This English speaking lesson will teach you 10 English words to describe the feel and atmosphere of one’s house. This free English lesson would be useful to start a conversation about a house and would be a great discussion starter. Listed below are the words from this English lesson with their meaning and how you could use them in English sentences.

Cozy – warm, comfortable feeling
I like visiting Miley’s house, it is very cosy.
Rustic – a house that has a countryside theme
Peter has a rustic looking house.
Vintage – has old but valuable furniture and interiors
I have always dreamt of living in a vintage style home.
Minimalistic – very less furniture and neatly done up
I prefer to give my home a minimalistic look.
Luxurious – looks glamorous and is full of luxury
We stayed at Betty’s, she has a luxurious home.
Contemporary – that has the latest style furniture and interiors
Nowadays people prefer a contemporary look for their homes.
Elegant – very classy, tastefully done up
Sean has an elegant looking apartment.
Spacious – a house that is big and has a lot of space
If you get rid of excess furniture, the house will look spacious.
Picturesque – looks like a painting
His farmhouse has such a picturesque look.

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