How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills? Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with     2017年12月16日
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In this video, Alisha answers 12 questions.
- What is the use of ""get"" + adverb/preposition? For example, ""I get down""?
- What is the difference between simple past tense and past continuous tense?
- What's the difference between ""on time"" and ""in time""? Is it ""You arrived just on time"" or ""you arrived just in time""?
- What is the difference between ""shade"" and ""shadow""?
- You talked about ""lit"" as slang. Can you please talk about the verb ""light"" and using it in active and passive?
- Can you talk about ""ride"" and its uses, like ""take someone for a ride""? Can I ""take"" a ride?
- What does ""you're too good to be true"" mean? Is it good, or not?
- What's the difference between ""can"" and ""may""? I saw this on the dining like a champ cheat sheet and I noticed these were both used with requests.
- Are ""where are you from"" and ""where were you born"" the same?
- How do we use ""gotta"" in the negative form?
- I need to improve my spoken English and my vocabulary. How do I do that?
- Is it correct to learn several languages at the same time?