How to Use the Present Simple Verb Form in English

source: Oxford Online English     2016年6月8日
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How many ways do you know to use the present simple?
The present simple doesn’t just have one or two uses; there are at least eight common uses, and many more special cases. In this lesson, you can learn all about the present simple tense. Beginners can learn simple ways to use this verb tense, and more advanced students can learn about more complex uses of the present simple verb form.

You will learn:
- How to form the present simple verb tense.
- Using the present simple to talk about regular actions.
- How to talk about general truths, states and situations using the present simple.
- How to describe long-lasting situations with the present simple.
- Using verbs of sensing, feeling, thinking or speaking with the present simple.
- How to use the present simple to tell jokes or stories in conversational English.
- Using the present simple in commentary, e.g. for a sports match.
- Using the present simple to talk about future schedules.

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