Ielts Speaking Sample (band 7-8) Part 1,2,3: Topic 5 - Social Issues and...

source: Helena Daily English     2017年10月10日
Ielts Speaking Sample (7-8) Part 1,2,3:
Topic 5 - Social Issues (Transport, Noise) and Libraries. 
►Part 1: 
1) Are bicycles popular in your city?
2) Do you often ride a bicycle?
3) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of bicycles compared to cars or public transport?
4) Do you think bicycles are suitable for present society?
1) What means of transport do you usually use?
2) What’s your favorite means of transport?
3) How do you like to travel for long trips?
4) What’s the traffic like here in Beijing?
5) How do you think the public transport could be improved?
1) Do you mind noises? (Do you noises bother you?)
2) What type of noise do you come across here in your daily life?
3) How do you feel if you work in a noisy environment?
4) Are there any sounds that you like?
5) Are there any sounds you don’t like?
6) Are cities becoming noisier?
7) What about noise pollution? How do Chinese people feel about this form if pollution? Is it a problem in your hometown?
►Part 2: Describe a library that you often go to.
You should say:
- What library it is
- Where it is/ what the library looks like
- What you do there and explain why you like this library.
►Part 3: Libraries
1. What kind of people go to libraries most often?
2. Why do you think a library is a good place for reading?
3. Even though it might cost a lot to maintain a library, do you think the government should open more public libraries?
4. Do you think public libraries should be free of charge?
5. How do you think libraries will change in the future?
6. What kind of skills do you think library staff should have?
7. What can be done to make libraries more attractive?
8. How has the Internet affected the popularity of libraries?