Learn English through Stories – The CHRISTMAS story (Vocabulary)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk       2017年12月23日
This English lesson is an attempt to teach you English through stories, where you could improve your listening skills and learn some great vocabulary and phrases for daily English conversation.
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The meanings of some difficult words from the story:

1. Betrothed- the person to whom one is engaged.
For ex: Mary was betrothed to Joseph.

2. Conceived- the moment when a woman becomes pregnant
For ex: Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit, which means she was going to bear a child even though she was a virgin. And that’s why Mary was petrified. Now, what does that mean?

3. Petrified- when you are so scared that you are unable to move.
For example: In this story, Mary was so scared to see the angel that she couldn’t move, so she was petrified.

4. Humbled & Wonderstruck- So humbled means you feel very less about yourself because of something that someone has done for you and Wonderstruck is when you are surprised or amazed.
For example: Here Mary was humbled and wonderstruck to know that she was chosen to give birth to God’s own Son.

5. Immanuel- This is a common English name meaning- God with Us and it is also another name of Jesus Christ.
6. Inexplicably- something for which there is no explanation.
For example: Mary got pregnant inexplicably as she was still a virgin.

7. Nonplussed- so surprised and confused that you are unsure how to react.
For example: Joseph here is nonplussed to find out that his TO BE wife is already pregnant.

8. Infidelity- to cheat your husband by having an affair with someone outside your marriage.
For example: Joseph’s first thought was that Mary had committed infidelity again him, which was at that time a….

9. Grave social stigma- this means, when someone is not accepted in the society due to some illness or something they have done.
For example: So, if Joseph decided to tell everyone that Mary was pregnant outside their marriage, she would have to face social stigma.

10. Initial reaction- this is your first reaction upon hearing a news.
For Example: As soon as Joseph got to know Mary was pregnant, his initial reaction was to break his engagement with her.

11. Make it public- But then he decided not to make it public, which means, he decided to keep this matter a secret.

12. Verify- means to confirm
For example: So, to Mary’s rescue, an angel came to verify her story in Joseph’s dream.

13. Public humiliation- Embarrassment in front of everyone
For example: Joseph married Mary to save her form public humiliation.
14. Decreed- past of the word decree, which means to give out a law
For example: So, here the King decreed that a census would be taken. Now what really is a Census?

15. Census- it means an official count of the total population
For example: For the census Joseph and Mary had to go to their hometown Bethlehem to register which means to get their names written down.

16. Overrun- occupied by too many people
For example: in Bethlehem the guesthouse was overrun that’s why Mary had to give birth in a….

17. Crude stable/Manger- which means a simple place where horses and cattle as in cows, donkeys etc. live.

18. Hallelujah- There came the wise men from East singing Hallelujah i.e. a combination of two Hebrew words meaning "Praise ye the Lord."