Other ways to use the INFINITIVE

source: Your English Web        2017年5月3日
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1. connective link + only (surprise/disappointment)
eg: I raced to the bank only to find it was closed.
I went to buy a new phone only to be told they had sold out.
She returned to the party to find Pete only to see him kissing another girl.
2. After certain nouns-ability, demand, failure, offers, plan, etc.
eg: His failure to win the contract meant he had to close his business.
Your refusal to listen to what people say is your biggest weakness.
The government's plan to invest in local communities was a total failure.
3. After too, enough, so ... as
eg: My son was too excited to sleep.
It's too early to go to bed.
He's old enough to know better.
Would you be so kind as to open the door?

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