Phrasal Verbs and Idioms: Intermediate Level - Lesson 3

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Multi-word verbs are verbs that combine with one or two particles (a preposition and/or an adverb), for example:
The letters BBC stand for British Broadcasting Corporation.
(verb + preposition)
This milk tastes awful. 1 think it’s gone off (verb + adverb)
She couldn't attend the meeting so Helen stood in for her.
(verb + adverb + preposition)
If the addition of the particle(s) changes the meaning of the verb in some way, it is usually called a phrasal verb, because it has an idiomatic meaning - the phrase means something different from its component parts.
► Phrasal Verbs EXAMPLE:
1. It’s very cold outside and your friend is about to leave without a coat. What do you say?
►You’d better put a coat on.
2. You have been invited to an important dinner party. You are not sure if you need to wear very smart clothes or not. What do you say?
►Do I need to dress up for the occasion?
3. A man comes to your house to repair the TV7. His shoes are very dirty. You want him to remove them before he comes in. What do you say?
►Could you take your shoes off. please?
4. You are in a clothes shop and you see a nice pair of trousers. You are not sure if they are the right size or if they’ll suit you. What do you say to the shop assistant?
►Can I try these trousers on. please?
5. You can’t fasten the button on your shirt. You ask for help. What do you say?
►Can you do this button up for me. please
6. You look at your shoes and you see there are holes in them. What do you say?
►My shoes are worn out/My shoes are wearing out.
7. You have been asked to make a speech in front of a large audience. At the last moment you feel very nervous and decide you can’t do it. What do you say?
►I can’t go through with it.
8. You’re trying to put on some shoes but they are too small for you. What do you say?
►I can’t get into these shoes.
9. You are asked if you want to continue studying at college or leave and find a job. You want to continue your studies. What do you say?
►I want to carry on with my studies.
10. You saw a thief in a green jumper and blue jeans. The police ask you what he was wearing. What do you say?
►He had on a green jumper and blue jeans.