What does LOOK FORWARD TO mean?

source: Crown Academy of English    2017年12月19日
“Look forward to” means to think about something in the future with pleasure. To be pleased or excited that something is going to happen.

look forward to + noun phrase
Example: "I'm looking forward to the weekend."

look forward to + ing form (gerund)
Example: Mark is looking forward to buying a house.

We do NOT use the infinitive / base form of the verb:
"I'm looking forward to meet you." (wrong)

If the second verb has a different subject, we use the object pronoun.
Example: "I'm looking forward to HIM visiting me next week."
We do NOT use the subject pronoun:

"look forward to" is very common in written English. We often use it at the end of a letter or email. It's a polite way of telling someone to do something. We use the present simple form:
Example: "I look forward to your reply."

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