Have SAFE SEX with Ronnie!

source: EnglishLessons4U     2018年1月26日
Want to have sex? DO IT SAFELY! In this sex education video, I'm going to teach you about SAFE SEX -- how to have sex without an accidental pregnancy or getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You will learn about safe sex, but also learn the English vocabulary and slang terms used to talk about this topic. Even though sex is so common and such an important part of life, I haven't seen any English textbooks that teach this material, and it's not often taught in English classes either! Well, that's why I'm here! Sex is a wonderful thing, but it is VERY important that you are educated on how to protect yourself and your partners. I'll talk about different types of birth control, like condoms, IUDs, and the pill, as well as the importance of getting tested so that your sex life can be happy and healthy. You'll also learn about some common sexually transmitted diseases, and the slang terms that native English speakers use to talk about them. Have sex, be safe, have fun, and have more sex. And remember: "She won't get sick if you cover your dick".
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