Advanced Phrasal Verbs 10

source: MrSkypelessons      2018年2月7日
Please answer the following questions to activate the new vocabulary:
1) I have £5.25 in 5p, 2p, and 1p coins. There are twice as many 5p's as 2p's and twice as many 2p's as 1p's. If you had to calculate the number of 5p, 2p and 1p coins, how would you come at this problem?
2) If you had the choice of vanilla, lemon or strawberry ice cream, which one would you go for?
3) What are the biggest challenges you have ever run up against?
4) If you came into a fortune, what would you splash out on?
5) Did your last holiday live up to your expectations?
6) Which crimes should the authorities crack down on?
7) When you were a child, did you use to get away with murder?
8) If you had set up a new business, how would you get it off the ground?
9) What time do you get off work?
10) When you speak in English, do you find it easy to get your ideas across?