An English Conversation about Living Abroad (with Subtitles!)

source: To Fluency       2018年1月31日
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# list of key words and phrases that we used in this English lesson:
- it’s what we both did when we lived in Spain (past sentence)
- you’re probably wondering what it would be like living abroad (great example of wondering)
- I can’t believe it’s been 10 years (I'm shocked it's been that long)
- some of the best things that we took away from this experience (learned)
- it gave you five seconds to cross 6 lanes of traffic (good sentence, right?
- we didn’t know that the subway had closed (past perfect)
- I remember standing there after going through the checkout (remember + gerund = memory)
- it’s hard to have a sense of humor if you don’t know the language (sense of humor)
- he saw that we were having problems (past sentence)
- I remember getting to Bilbao and being so excited (remember + gerund = memory)
- There’s no point saying football because that creates confusion (it makes people confused)
- we don’t get time to step back and think about it (to step back = to take time to think about it)
- What were some things that really stood out to you? (noticeable)
- Did you get a little choked up? (emotional)

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