How to Make Great English Sentences? Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with     2018年1月27日
In this video, Alisha answers 7 questions.
- Do you have any tipps for me how to build correct English sentences?
- Is Alisha a common name in the US? Also, what's your personal favorite name?
- Is ""h sound"" not always pronounced when it is followed by another consonant?
- Do native speakers say ""You aren't gonna..."" or ""You're not gonna.. ""? Which contracted form is used more than the other?
- Why do american people pronounce: ""EnglishClass one O one"", instead of ""one zero one"" or ""hundred and one""?
- ""Here you are, here you go, there you go, there you are and here/there + we/you/it/they be/go"". What do they mean? How to use them natually?
- What is the meaning of the phrasal verb ""knocked out""?
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