Mixed Conditionals: If I had bought Bitcoin in 2011...

source: To Fluency      2018年2月12日
Learn how to use mixed conditionals in English by listening to my story of (nearly) investing in Bitcoin in 2011.
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Zero Conditional: I get tired when I eat too much
1st Conditional: If it rains, we won't go to the party
2nd Conditional: I would do it if I had more time
3rd Conditional: I would have done it if I had more time
- If I had bought Bitcoin in 2011, it would be worth $1.5 million today
- If I hadn't met my wife in Ecuador, I wouldn't be living in America now
- If he had listened during English class, he would have a higher level now
- If I weren't going to that wedding, I would have gone out last night

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