Telephone in English: How to NOT be rude on the phone

source: Speak English with Christina        2018年1月22日
Sometimes it's polite to make small talk on the phone, but sometimes it's not. How do you know? If the other person says they are busy or sounds rushed, ask "Do you want me to call at a later time?" If the other person makes small talk, it's polite to respond in kind.
Ask politely for things. Don't say "I want some information about your products." Instead, it's more polite to say “I'd like some information about your products, please.” Pay special attention to your intonation (examples in the video)
If you don't understand, don't say "What?" It's more polite to say “Sorry, say that again please?”
“Say that one more time, please.”
“Sorry, I didn’t catch the part about ….”
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