Using English Reflexive Pronouns & Verbs?

source: Learn English with       2018年2月17日
In this video, Alisha answers 8 questions.
- What are ""reflexive verbs""? If you have a reflexive verb, you have to use a reflexive pronoun like yourself?
- How to make tag questions with modal verbs and with “have/has/had to...”?
- Sometime I hear people say the word ""then"" or ""though"" in the end of sentences. What does that mean?
- My question is: What's the difference between ""Like"" and ""As"" (such as)?
- What is the difference about how to use ""in, on, at""?
- Is there any difference between ""do not have"" and ""have not""?
- How can I think in English? Because I always need to translate in my head""
- Do I always need to use the auxiliary verbs ""Do"" and ""Does"" when I want to make questions in a casual conversation?

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