How to ask for PERMISSION

source: Crown Academy of English      2018年3月20日
In this English speaking lesson, you will learn several ways to ask for permission:
“May I” is the most correct way to ask for permission in traditional English.

In theory, in strict English, we do NOT use “can” for permission. Normally, we use “can” to describe ability and opportunity.
However, in practice, in modern English, people use the modal "can" to ask for and describe permission.

“Could I” is more formal than “Can I”
We also have the following structures: "Do you mind if" and "Is it alright if?"

In this English class, you will also learn how to reply to requests for permission. You will learn several expressions to say yes, to say no politely and also to say no reluctantly.
There are many examples in the video with a very detailed explanation of each one. I advise you to watch it, listen to the pronunciation and take notes.