My EXACT tips on what you need to do to land your dre...

source: Linda Raynier     2017年6月11日
This is for you ONLY if….
* You’ve been looking for a job for at least 5 months
* You've gone on some interviews but haven’t been called back (you can’t seem to get past the first or second round and you’re frustrated)
* You realize you're doing something wrong (as much as you want to blame the companies or hiring managers, the reality's YOU!)
* You’re ready and you KNOW you need help because what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working

This is NOT for you if…
* If you’re not willing to change the tactics that you’ve been using
* You’re relying on the ‘hope and pray’ method to land a job
* You want to keep trying it on your own and wait to see if it works
* You think Googling interview and resume tips is enough to land you your dream job