Talking about Parties: 3 Phrasal Verbs You Need to Know

source: To Fluency     2018年3月13日
Here are the phrasal verbs from this lesson:
1: SHOW UP: This means to come or to appear. Examples:
- What if no one shows up?
- Paul didn't show up to Spanish class today
- Do you think he'll show up to the meeting?
- How many people showed up to the party?

2: DRESS UP: This means to wear something formal or smarter than your normal clothes. Wearing a shirt to a birthday party, for example.
- do we need to dress up?
- everybody's dressing up, I'm dressing down
Dress down is the opposite of dress up. Companies usually have dress-down Fridays.

3: TAG ALONG: This means to go to a party or event with someone even though you haven't been invited.
- Can I tag along with you?
- If you don't mind, I'm just going to tag along
- we're going to that party, do you want to tag along?
- do you think they'll mind if I tag along?