What are Your Weaknesses? - Sample Answer

source: Linda Raynier      2017年2月1日
In this video, "What are your weaknesses? - Sample Answer", Linda Raynier shows you how to communicate job weaknesses by using an example of a weakness for an interview. Weaknesses in job interview is a very common question that is asked and you want to be prepared by knowing what your weakness in job interview is. To understand your greatest weakness interview answers, you need to know it's not a personality trait. Weaknesses for an interview are based on a certain context. Watch the video to figure out your interview weakness answers.

You need to know several things about weaknesses:
1. 1) Your weakness is NOT equal a personality trait
2. 2) Your weakness is NOT a strength in disguise
Then follow 3 steps that will help you to assess what your weaknesses are.

Here are some helpful lines to get you started:
“In situations where ______(insert your context/situation here)”
“I have tended or tend to ___________(insert the way you exhibit this weakness, not the weakness itself)”
“This has made me appear ______(insert weakness here”
“As a result, I’ve learned to be cognizant of this fact and no longer ______(insert the way you exhibit this weakness)”“Instead, I now _____(insert your solution that resolves this weakness)”
This has resulted in ___(insert your successful results)”