Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? - Good Answer If You Were Fired or Laid...

source: Linda Raynier       2017年1月25日
In this video, I'll break down the ‘why did you leave your last job’ answer. Why did you leave your job is an important question and if you want to know the why did you leave your last job answer then I discuss that here. The best answer for leaving a job is always telling the truth. I'll help you explain if anyone asks why did you leave your previous job. Watch my video as I discuss scenarios and how to approach the why did you leave your last job answers.
I will explain what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do when answering this question.

I’ll walk you through two examples:
Scenario 1: You were let go but not due to performance. So maybe it was due to a mass restructuring based on business reasons.
Scenario 2: You were fired for performance reasons.