BBC News Review: Tourists' carbon footprint 3 times worse

source: BBC Learning English          2018年5月8日
The story
A new study says tourism accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions – about three times more than previously estimated.
The report, published in the journal Nature, includes details on the carbon footprint linked to tourists' food, shopping and accommodation as well as their travel.

Key words and phrases: 
--choking: stopping from breathing
• It looked like he was choking. Probably because he was eating too fast.
• Throughout the holiday, the roads were choked with cars.
--globetrotting: travelling frequently worldwide
• The globetrotting basketball team became internationally renowned.
• Globetrotting is a great life, but it’s hard to start a family.
--cost the earth: be very expensive
• It’s a beautiful dress, but it costs the earth. I certainly can’t afford it.
• The wedding cost them the earth, but you can’t put a price on love.

Language challenge: 
The amount of carbon a person generates is their carbon ______
a) handprint
b) footprint
c) faceprint

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